Healthy Living


Big Mature Profanity

Documentary Feature Film (Netherlands)
Grades 6-8 (Ages 11-13)
Screened in Dutch with English subtitles
80-minute program includes media education

Life’s not easy for Dylan and Frederieke, two overweight Dutch children, but they know things can get better if they try. They set off on a journey to a camp for kids like them, where they learn to share their struggles with others and face their problems at school and at home. Dylan and Frederieke come to understand how their obesity affects their friends, family and themselves. The first step to understanding body issues is to understand the emotions behind overeating. No matter what your body looks like, it’s important to know that any goal can be achieved once you set your mind to it!


What's on Your Plate

What’s on Your Plate? Profanity

Documentary Feature Film (USA)
Grades 4-5 (Ages 9-10)
90-minute program includes media education

Sadie and Safiyah are best friends from New York City on a mission: to find out where their food comes from! By interviewing farmers, storekeepers, and food activists, they develop a wider understanding of what people eat in schools, in different parts of New York, and all over the country. Where does our food start? How is it cultivated? How many miles does it travel from farm to fork? And why is this so important to know? Join Sadie and Safiyah on a delicious, whirlwhind adventure and find out!