Please Join Us In Our Goal To End The Dog Meat Trade By 2035

In Asia, one of the worst animal welfare issues is the dog meat trade. If you’ve ever spent time in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or China, you’ve no doubt seen the animals we love here in the United States for sale in markets for meat. Here at California International Canine Freedom Foundation (CICFF), we’ve made it our #1 priority to end this barbaric trade. To help end this madness, we’re currently operating in several countries in Southeast Asia and working with local constituents to end this horrific and inhumane practice once and for all. Learn how you can help.

Dog meat is widely available in Asia, where there is an enormous concern for the welfare of dog since large numbers of them are currently being stolen from their owners, sourced from farms, or taken off of the street, and then shipped long distance before being slaughtered very inhumanely.

Most westerners are unaware of the fact that dogs are often farmed, transported and killed under very barbaric and inhumane conditions. Many of them are tortured for several hours before they are skinned alive. The reason why this is done is that people think that inflicting pain results in the meat being tenderized. What is most shocking is some of these dogs are alive still when their fur is removed.

CICFF is diligently working to end the dog meat trade and is now expanding its efforts actively into neighboring countries where there currently isn’t much being done about addressing the problem. We have undercover investigators in Thailand continuing to monitor for any signs that the trade is re-emerging in any way. CICFF helps provides care for hundreds of dogs that have been rescued out of the dog meat industry. The ultimate goal is to find loving homes for these rescued dogs. If you would be interested in adopting one of the fortune dogs we’ve saved, please contact us.

CICFF in Vietnam

In Vietnam, where every year there are an estimated 5 million dogs slaughtered for human consumption purposes, CICFF is joining with the national television broadcaster Vietnam Television and the national government to raise public awareness about the dog meat industry’s severe cruelty as well as the human health risks it brings about. Also, in partnership with Vietnamese law enforcement agencies and the Vietnamese government, CICFF is striving to get enforcement of the laws prohibiting the industry increased.

CICFF in China

CICFF has been providing substantial financial assistance in China to activists who are working to rescue, care and provide medical treatment for hundreds of dogs that have been rescued from the notoriously infamous Yulin dog meat festival and the dog meat trade in China.

CICFF in South Korea

CICFF is also working in South Korea with senior government officials to get stronger animal welfare laws enacted with the ultimate goal being to ban the dog meat industry entirely. It has already lead to a ban on slaughtering dogs in Moran Market – which is the largest dog meat market in Seoul, the capital city. CICFF is working to challenge the understanding that people have of the industry and help make them more aware of all of the cruelty that is involved. As an increasing number of South Koreans are becoming pet owners, there are already signs of public opinion starting to turn.

The key message that CICFF is working to promote in South Korea is “a dog is a dog” – which challenges the myth of ‘meat dogs’ being different than dogs that are pets. There are some people who think that ‘meat dogs’ do not possess a soul, or don’t have the same feelings that pet dogs do. Those are the same individuals who are driving the demand for dog meat.

We hope that by turning public opinion against the farming of dogs and consumption of dog meant and continuing to put pressure on lawmakers to make this industry illegal, that South Korea’s dog meat trade will be shut down permanently.

Learn how you can help stop the dog meat trade today.

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