French Language

Revel in the French language in these two beautifully animated feature films, screened in French with English subtitles.

Programs include an introduction and post-screening discussion led by one of our trained media educators. Curriculum aligned with Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards is also provided to teachers prior to the day of screening.

Flexible scheduling throughout the day - come to us or let us come to you! For details about screenings at Facets Multi-Media, click here. For details about screenings at your location, click here. For more information, contact us at or (773) 281-9075 ext. 3009.

Eleanor's Secret

Eleanor's Secret (Kérity, la Maison des Contes)

Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-10)
90-minute program includes media education
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Watch your favorite characters from classic children’s books leap from the pages in this lovingly animated feature! His favorite auntie has left young Nat her beloved library – but he is a struggling reader. Looking to help his family save their fixer-upper, Nat offers up the collection to a disreputable book dealer, only to find that the library is magical.

Having discovered his friends, Alice in Wonderland, the Ogre, and Peter Pan, Nat must find the secret to keeping them alive for others, too. Find out why the love of reading can give your imagination wings!

Chicago premiere. Featuring the voice of Jeanne Moreau!


Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest (Azur et Asmar) 

Grades 5+ (Ages 10+)M
115-minute program includes media education
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Azur & Asmar

Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, this exquisitely animated feature film is set in late medieval North Africa. Two boys raised as brothers – blue-eyed, light skinned Azur and brown-eyed, dark-skinned Asmar – are separated as children and later become competitors on a dangerous quest to find and free the imprisoned Djinn Fairy.

In French with English subtitles, this rite-of-passage adventure transcends the familiar story of European/Arabic rivalry to establish a connection between the two cultures, building bridges to inter-racial understanding. As the characters discover their underlying mutual respect, they begin to encourage one another along their parallel journeys. Together they find the courage to overcome all challenges.

From the master of French animation, director Michel Ocelot.