Facets Summer Film Institute

Institute Program:

Day One: "What Is Editing and How Does It Make Meaning in a Film?"
Educator: Jason Betke

Day Two: "What is Mise-en-Scene and How Does It Make Meaning in a Film?"
Educator: Michael NJ Wright

Day Three: "Film Narrative and How To Relate Movies to Literature"
Educator: Larry Knapp

Day Four: "How to Teach History with Movies"
Educator: Susan Doll

Day Five: "Hollywood Masterpieces in the Classroom: How to Teach Classic Hollywood Movies"
Educator: Michael Smith

  *A reception follows immediately after class on Day Five.

Institute Faculty:

Summer Film Institute Coordinator and faculty member Susan Doll holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Northwestern University. In addition to working at Facets, she is a regular blogger for Turner Classic Movies and the author of several books, including An American in Paris: Inside the Script, Elvis for Dummies, Marilyn: Her Life and Legend, Understanding Elvis, and Florida on Film. Doll teaches film studies at Oakton Community College.

Jason Betke is currently an adjunct instructor at Columbia College Chicago, where he teaches courses in digital cinema production, editing, and advanced post production. A veteran film teacher with over ten years experience, Jason previously taught at Northwestern University as an associate professor and lecturer, where he instructed students in 16mm film production, documentary filmmaking, and animation. He is also an independent filmmaker and producer.

Larry Knapp teaches film studies at Oakton Community College and is the author of Directed by Clint Eastwood. He is currently working on the second edition, which should be out in 2013. He is also the editor of Brian De Palma: Interviews, Ridley Scott: Interviews (a second edition is set for early 2013), and the forthcoming David Fincher: Interviews (due in late 2012). He holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Northwestern University.

Michael Smith received an MA in Film Production from Humboldt State University. His award-winning short film, The Castastrophe, is currently playing the festival circuit. He teaches film studies at Triton College, Oakton Community College, Harold Washington College, and the College of Lake County and maintains the Chicago-centric film blog White City Cinema.

Michael NJ Wright graduated as a Cinematography Fellow from the prestigious American Film Institute. He is the founder of Wright Bros. Photoplay where he's produced and photographed numerous award-winning features and shorts. He has an extensive track record as director of photography for television programs, including those for NBC, ESPN, MTV, Discovery, and WYCC. In 2009, he won Emmys for his work on the Chicago Marathon and his tv show Little Green Men and a Bronze Telly in Cultural Programming. He has shot several HD features including Banana Leaves, Dog Jack, and The Mole Man of Belmont Ave. Wright teaches cinematography and directing at the Illinois Institute of Art. 

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