Facets Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Facets’ Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival


Year-Round Group Screenings

Take your students on a film field trip that includes curriculum aligned with Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards and pre- and post-screening discussions led by Facets’ media educators.  

Screenings at Facets Multi-Media:

The following programs are available for morning or afternoon screenings at Facets Multi-Media (1517 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60614). Please contact us to arrange a date and time that fits your schedule.

LionessAfrican American Heritage
(Late Elementary and Middle School programs)

Asian Language & Heritage 
(Pre-K & K, Late Elementary, and Middle School programs)

Books Unbound – Films Based On Books
(Early Elementary and Late Elementary programs)

Weekend PracticeCinco de Mayo – Mexican Heritage
(Late Elementary program)

Green Screen Nature Programs
(Pre-K and Kindergarten, Early Elementary, and Late Elementary programs)

No Bullies, Please!
(Early Elementary, Late Elementary, and Middle School programs)

Screenings at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum:

These screenings are held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on pre-scheduled days. Tickets include screening, Nature Museum demonstration and admission into the museum! Group screenings at the Nature Museum in October 2011 and January through May, 2012.

Reservation Details

Doug Newton, Group Screening Coordinator
773-281-9075 ext. 3009

  • Tickets are $6.00 per child for groups of 25 or more.  For groups fewer than 25, the cost is $7.00 per child.
  • Group leaders and chaperones attend for free! There must be at least one chaperone per every 30 children. Additional fees may apply if student:chaperone ratio exceeds 10:1. 
  • Concessions (small popcorn & soda) are available at Facets and must be ordered in advance. 

Reservation Form – Year-Round Group Screenings

For more Group Screening information CLICK HERE!


We feature screenings for children and youth of all ages. Program age range suggestions are offered as a general guideline only.

  • Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten (Ages 2-5)
  • Early Elementary (Ages 5-8)
  • Late Elementary (Ages 8-11)
  • Middle & Junior High School (Ages 11-14)
  • High School (Ages 14-18)

PROGRAM GUIDANCE Profanity IconViolence IconMature Theme Logo

Symbols will be used to mark programs that contain mild profanity (P), mild violence (V), or mature themes (M). The “M” symbol is similar to a PG rating.  


Professional actors will read the English subtitles aloud for programs for kids 8 years old and under.  The sound from the film will be audible while subtitles are read.