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Taming TV

A Workshop for Preschool & Kindergarten Teachers and Parents

Most children begin watching television at 6 months and are ardent viewers by age two. Because many parents are unaware of the risks that media poses to young children, the average child aged 1-5 spends around 25 hours per week Such heavy doses of media can delay early development, depriving young children of playtime, exposing them to potentially traumatic material, and impairing language skills and attention span. Because media is such a large part of childhood experience, teachers are at a disadvantage without training in media literacy.

Taming TV gives adults the tools to help children thrive in a media-saturated society. The workshop will focus on creating a positive, safe, and fun environment for children and establishing a methodology for dialog with children before and after watching media.

Workshop participants will:

  • view a specially curated screening of short films for 2-5 year-old children and be prepared for viewing just as they will need to prepare children in class.
  • practice post-screening activities and discussions they can use to help children transfer their energy out of viewing and into creative activities.
  • receive materials listing sources for positive children’s media
  • learn and discuss the criteria for positive film, video and television for children 2-5.

This powerful workshop lays the foundation for a lifetime of positive, not passive interactions with media.

For more information on this workshop for 2009 – CLICK HERE!

To bring Taming TV to your school or organization, please contact “Kidsfest” at 773-281-9075 or e-mail kidsfest@facets.org