Facets Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Facets Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival


Facets Animation Program

For ages 9-14, Grades 4-8

Facets Computer Animation Program is an intensive, 5-day, hands-on workshop designed to teach children ages 9 and up basic filmmaking vocabulary, story development and computer animation skills. Aligned with Common Core Curriculum, the program offers students a foundation to understanding media arts through expert instruction by Facets staff, and with professional animators who will guide children through the development and realization of their own short story ideas using Toon Boom animation software.

Facets Animation Program

Facets provides:

  • A media educator and animator; additional staff when needed.
  • License for Toon Boom animation software for duration of the workshop.
  • Instruction for students in basic filmmaking vocabulary, types of shots, story development, storyboarding and computer animation skills.
  • DVD of all short films produced in the program.

 School provides:

  • Student group, ages 9-10 or 11-14
  • Up to 25 Computers (Mac or PC) – Need to know exact number of computers in space & model number and year.
  • School classroom assistant/tech person
  • Video projector with screen in space. Ability to patch in external computer to video projector. DVD player & TV (possibly).
  • Computer “tablets” for all kids in the session (not required but a plus if school has them).
  • Installation & de-installation of the Toon Boom software onto the classroom’s computers.
  • Request to save work on hard drives of computers until last day when all students’ work is saved to a hard drive provided by Facets.

Learning Goals:

  • Media education orientation: discussion of story, setting, character, cinematography & sound. How a filmmaker uses these principles or ‘parts of a movie’ to tell their story, evoke a feeling or emotion from the audience, and deliver their message.
  • Introduction to animation: what is animation, persistence of vision, the job of an animator.  
  • Story development/storyboarding/pre-production: brainstorming, audience, message, selecting an idea, developing one idea, storyboarding the idea.
  • Flip Boom: Animation All-Stars program orientation
  • Animation fundamentals (production): how to translate your storyboard into animation, visuals, flow, timing, message. Post-production elements: music, text, title. 
  • Children’s time management skills, creativity & focus are also challenged in the program.

Schedule: Teaching artists have availability February – May.  


The workshop take place for 5 consecutive days, about 1 ½ – 2 hours each day or for 45 min – 1 hr for 10 consecutive days. Participants should be middle school age although could be as young as 9 or 10 years old.  


Workshop Cost: $100 per student.


Contact kids@facets.org or call 773-281-9075 ext. 3011 for more information about Facets Animation Program for your school!


Facets Multi-Media is a nonprofit film arts organization dedicated to the exhibition, distribution & education of foreign, independent & classic cinema. Facets Children’s Programs organizes the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, the largest annual festival of films for children in the world; Facets Kids Film Camp, teaching children ages 7 to 14 film theory, aesthetics, basic production skills, and critique; and special screenings and filmmaking workshops throughout the year.  

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