Facets Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Facets Children’s Programs and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival


Adult Jury


The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival sets the global standard for the best in cinema for children and youth. Nowhere else in the US offers as many diverse, inclusive, multi-cultural, quality programs for children.  

The Adult Jury of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival is a marvelous opportunity to preview the best in childrens media from around the world. Rewarding friendships are created with members of a diverse community including: filmmakers, critics, child-development specialists, business and philanthropic community leaders and parents. 

Adult Jury members are assigned a category and view films pre-selected for competition in that category. In a forum, jury members rate, discuss, and rank each film based on merits such as story/content, audience impact, and artistry/production values. Judging categories include: Live-action Shorts, Live-action Features, Animated Shorts, Animated Features, Documentary. 


The awards determined by juries are presented at the closing night of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. 

Participation in the Adult Jury is by invitation only.  

For more information about getting involved in the Adult Jury, contact “Facets Children’s Programs” at 773-281-9075 ext. 3011 or kids@facets.org 

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival Facts: 

  • For 30 years, the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF) has set new standards for what children’s festivals can achieve. As the largest and longest running children’s film program in North America, the CICFF programs the best in world cinema, featuring 250 films from 50 countries. 
  • The Festival takes place in late October & early November. Programs screen at Facets Multi-Media and at over a half-dozen venues city-wide to audiences of children, parents and educators of nearly 20,000.
  • The Festival is the first children’s film festivals to be recognized as a qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Your decision as a Jury member will determine the short films that are eligible for competition at the Oscars®. In the past three seasons, films seen by the Adult Jury have gone on to not only compete – but to win!
  • The Festival welcomes than 100 directors in attendance.  Past attendees have included: Julian Fellowes (creator, Downton Abbey), Shia LaBeouf, Terry Gilliam, and Harold Ramis. Jury members are invited to all key Festival social events.
  • Festival media workshops, such as the annual LAIKA Studios (Coraline, ParaNorman) stop-motion animation workshops are an integral media activity that deepens the film-going festival experience for kids and directors, alike.
  • The Festival also operates a small but dynamic market for foreign and U.S. distributors, buyers and festival programmers welcoming representatives from companies & organizations worldwide.