The California International Canine Freedom Foundation is dedicated to ending the dogs for meat trade in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Thailand and Korea. Our mission is to support the ongoing efforts of non-profits in South East Asia and help bring awareness to the issue, donations and volunteers their way, with the goal of ending the global dog meat trade by 2035.

Our Founder

Our Founder - Curtis HernandezThe California International Canine Freedom Foundation was founded in 2017 by Curtis Hernandez, who saw first hand what it was like for the poor dogs of South East Asia that are bought and sold like they were simply a piece of meat, instead of man’s best friend.

Realizing that there was very little he could do on his own, he returned to the United States and made raising awareness of the issue a primary goal of his life. While rescuing dogs from the many dog meat markets around South East Asia can make one feel good about themselves, that they saved a life, it does not stop the practice and in some circles, it is believed to further encourage the trade.

With this in mind, to ensure eradication of the industry by 2035, rescuing each and every dog is not the best solution. Instead, the California International Canine Freedom Foundation has made it their mission to help change the social norms around dog meat consumption in South East Asia by forming partnerships with local NGOs that also strive to end this barbaric practice. Through global awareness and funding, we hope to end the practice once and for all.

Please help where and if you can by visiting our How To Help page.

Thank you and God Bless!

Curtis Hernandez