Reflections from Festival Participants:

Pirates! Band of Misfits

--Lloyd Price, Head of Animation, Aardman Features
Pirates! Band of Misfits - Animated Feature Film, 2012 Festival

"I really enjoyed being involved in the CICFF and found it a really rewarding experience. It’s great to be at a festival where you have the opportunity to do workshops with children, as they are the primary audience for our films here at Aardman. The variety and quality of the programming was excellent and I had the chance to see some brilliant films that otherwise I would have missed. All the team involved in the festival did a great job and their commitment and enthusiasm really contributed to a great festival."


--Mark Shapiro, Head of Marketing, LAIKA Studios
ParaNorman – Animated Feature Film, 2012 Festival

"The CICFF is an important event, for filmmakers, for students and for movie aficionados.  The festival attracts top-tier industry talent, presentations and workshops from around the world and it screens many of the most compelling shorts and features of the year.  All of this in, arguably, the greatest American city."


Human Voice--Tim Rauch, Director
The Human Voice - Animated Documentary Short Film, 2011 Festival 

"Children are the best film critics and every year I am lucky enough to attend the CICFF I am struck by the insightful questions and comments that come from the audiences. Add to that a high rate of attendance by filmmakers, a world-class city, and a richly diverse set of screenings and you have one of the most rewarding festival experiences anywhere in the world." 

--Jakob Schuh, Producer/Director
GruffaloThe Gruffalo - Animated Short Film, 2010 Festival

I found CICFF an incredibly rewarding, exhilarating and, to be honest often quite moving experience. A Children’s' film festival in the truest sense of the word, CICCF gave me the opportunity to watch and discuss an incredibly diverse and perfectly programmed selection of children's films from all over the world with a similarly diverse audience of...children. Both is rare, and the combination felt priceless. I feel I've learnt a lot from these films, from these children and also from brilliant crew moderating the discussions. Thanks so much, I hope I'll be able to return soon. (Jakob Schuh)

From Time to Time

--Julian Fellowes, Director
From Time to Time - Live Acxtion Feature Film, 2009 Festival 

"[It] was a wonderful experience for me, and not only because my film won. It is a wonderfully exciting city, for a start, and a new one to me. But it was also incredibly rewarding to be able to compare notes with others working in the field, and, most of all, to hear the feedback from the children. The jury system, giving a voice to children as well as judges and film-makers, means that when and if you do win, it is an achievement that stays with you."