Facets Membership

Attention all film fans! If you'd like to be a part of today's film scene, there's no better way to start than this. Become a FACETS MEMBER and join the ranks of other film fanatics to take advantage of everything Facets has to offer! 

Teachers! Facets online rental system is the way to access the entire Facets video collection for your school - that’s over 65,000 titles! The website allows members to browse online or you can stop by Facets Rentals in person to select your films. We will even mail your films to you for FREE!

Memberships can be billed monthly or annually and start as low as $8.99 per month (for 1-disk-at-a-time), running up to $23.99 per month ($250 annually) for 4-at-a-time rental. And there are no monthly limits, due dates or late fees! 

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